Dragonfly Transformation – Before and After


Do you ever give yourself presents?


I do. For instance, I purchased this inlaid dragonfly as a birthday present to myself several years ago. The piece originally hung on a two-strand turquoise chip necklace shown below. (Before)

At the time, I loved my present. Then, my taste in jewelry changed.

As I began to worship at the church of beads, I discovered I wanted something more impactful, more elaborate, and more representative of current styles.

Earlier this month, I redid the necklace, adding faceted carnelian and faceted jade to graduated beads of sodalite. I twisted a three-strand necklace of similar beads into a choker to complete the presentation. Suddenly the dragonfly went from beautiful to stunning.

In almost every culture the dragonfly symbolizes change.

The amazing dragonfly lives a short life of no regrets. Its ability to fly and move in all six directions lets it be comfortable on water, land or in the air. Eighty-percent of the dragonfly’s brainpower is dedicated to sight. It sees 360-degrees, symbolizing our ability to see beyond limits of self.

The dragonfly lives full-out, a creature of life, beauty and energy. It’s only appropriate that the “After” necklace represents those characteristics.

Do you have a symbol that needs a makeover or a “Before” and “After” challenge?