Simple Style from the Church of Beads

I have one rule: “If you’re crazy about it, buy it.”

With a rule like that, it’s not surprising that one-of-a-kind beads have lived for years in my stash. I loved beads long before I began stringing.

At first, I placed my treasures in a drawer. Then, as the finds grew, I began to display them in color-coordinated plastic boxes: my stash.

Along the way I heard and adopted the phrase, worship at the church of beads.

If you’ve not been to the church of beads, you may not have practiced thinking about the various combinations of favs. Worship time is creativity time. (“What if I combined this with that?” or, “How would this item best be highlighted?”)

The three pops of red in this necklace were stash beads. I picked them after great consideration of a huge basket of offerings at a bead boutique in Arizona. Although I was “crazy” about those beads, I never made them up.

The gift of an arrowhead launched me on a dress-up-my-jeans necklace and those three red beads made a killer addition!

In an unexpected pairing, faceted brown glass, faceted lapis ovals and lapis rounds combined with the more primitive arrowhead artifact, the focal element, to create an attractive and sophisticated necklace, perfect for many occasions.

Have you overlooked a treasure that is perfect for some project? How can you catalyze creativity?

If you’re a bead lover, it may be as simple as worshipping at your own church of beads.