How do you Get Bead Design Ideas?

 I bead to the heart of the wearer.

Sometimes the person prompts the bead magic. That’s the way it happened with the blue project.

The blue project began when Ann showed me a necklace of vintage glass beads.

“I bought this at a silent auction and have never worn it.”

How sad. Something in those beads spoke to her at one time. Once possessed, there was no true fit.

“I understand.”

The weighty presentation she held didn’t mix with the vivacious, energetic woman in front of me. It wasn’t just the pink hair or her ready smile. Spend a few minutes with this woman, and you understand you’re with one who loves color, values originality, and understands creativity.

The brilliant, faceted blue rounds she held seemed overwhelmed by heavy bead caps. The necklace was too long, also. Boring. Although the materials were nice, the combination just didn’t work. (It’s odd that I didn’t take a “before” picture.)

In retrospect, the design started right then and evolved during our meeting. When she showed me a fused glass piece of blue and green, my mind flashed on some oblong, sea green glass beads from my bead box. An idea was born.

Back in my studio, it took only a few minutes to put the blue project together on the bead board. The grey colored pile in the lower right corner shows the old bead caps. I added some faceted black rounds for pop. Suddenly the blue project was fun, colorful, fresh.

The new version works! It fits Ann! She now wears her purchase frequently and loves her blue beads. How cool is that?

Do you have something that needs remade?