Inspiration ZoZo Purple-Style

When a necklace makes itself, I call it inspiration …or, ZoZo Purple.

Create your own inspiration like this:

Find an object you like. Place it aside. Add one or two unrelated findings.

Leave all three objects where you can see them from time to time in different light, from various angles.

After some time has passed, begin to pull beads and see what colors fire your imagination.
Dump everything onto a white towel and mix it around.

If nothing appeals, start over.

You laugh? I do this.

Not so long ago I fingered an old cameo that reminded me of Aunt Dorothy. A polished white rock from my friend in Colorado came next. The treasures went with me on bead excursions: to a bead shop, to a stitching event, to another studio. A fellow beadster offered me a piece of ruby zoitsite and suddenly I saw the shape of a woman.

In no time, I assembled a blend of purple, lavender and light violet delicas, cynlindrical beads made by a company in Japan. Delicas, which cost twice as much as most seed beads, offer an astounding variety of colors and form a perfect, even weaving pattern which makes them an absolute delight with which to stitch.

My project progressed easily. When I wasn’t stitching, I studied the history of stones, learning more about the natural combination of ruby and zoisite crystals. I read about the influence of color in jewelry pieces.

When I saw an article about cameo resurgence in a high fashion magazine, I congratulated myself on choosing a cameo.

I even made bails from my delicas so that my beadweaving would hang naturally.

Nothing I did changed the magic of the piece.

“The necklace almost made itself!”

Yep. Inspiration does that!

How do you coax creativity to life?