Play Beads!

The phrase “Play ball!” signals a structured plan for baseball or softball: time parameters, qualified players, rules and a whole list of other options go with the phrase.

“Play beads” announces a different game. In my studio, the call rings out, players gather, and the fun begins.

Discover beads or components

One afternoon a friend stopped by with finds from the thrift store. Together we sorted through the treasures, immediately recycling some forward, putting others into a “maybe” box, and talking about the possibilities for a select special few.

An interesting Quan Yin charm, the goddess of compassion, (see picture) caught my attention. I claimed it, envisioning a center with several dangles coordinated with colored wire and decorated with special beads.

Of course, I’ll post a picture when the idea is complete.

In her book “The Complete Artist’s Way, Creativity as a Spiritual Practice,” author Julie Cameron urges an artist date a week. Chapter 12 contains this gem:

“We are an ambitious society, and it is often difficult for us to cultivate forms of creativity that do not directly serve us and our career goals. Recovery urges our reexamining definitions of creativity and expanding them to include what in the past we called hobbies. The experience of creative living argues that hobbies are in fact essential to the joyful life.

“It is a paradox of creative recovery that we must get serious about taking ourselves lightly. We must work at learning to play.”

Structure “Play Beads” for you. Enjoy time with no agenda and spark your creativity in the process.

In the words of Julia Cameron:

“You’re either losing your mind – or gaining your soul. Life is meant to be an artist date. That’s why we were created.”