High Style with Ethnic Jewelry

Some looks are dearer to me than others. I like drama.

The drama of ethnic jewelry adds a personal statement to fashion.

A recent Wall Street Journal article referred to high bohemian style, lumping numerous categories in one broad label.

Various fashionistas talk about the viability of this look or that one, but personal taste and comfort with one’s own skin ultimately dictates what you wear.

This necklace, designed with a Tibetan disc of silver, red coral and turquoise becomes the focus of an outfit when it’s placed on a simple black top. The repetition of red coral around the silver adds drama and intensity to the look.

The center was purchased by my good friend during travels in Nepal. Two Tibetan prayer beads further emphasize the ethnic element in the design and frame the disc.

It wears comfortably, hangs evenly and presents a symmetrical look. It’s an affordable version of a tribal look, given that the turquoise is composite turquoise and the silver is really pewter-based.

An accessory complements an outfit and frequently completes it. In fine art, focal points are specific points of interest. In my jewelry, the piece is the point. Every bead contributes to the overall look and feel of the necklace or bracelet, making it more than a simple accessory.

As designer, I wear each piece prior to showing and selling it. This gives me a sense of the balance and presence of my design. It adds my voice to the piece, romancing my soul in the process.

How do you express your style? Is there a voice from inside calling to be heard?