Pearls for the Soul


One of mankind’s oldest gems, pearls, fascinates me, but not for the usual reasons.

Ancient legends from China, India and Imperial Rome showcase pearls similarly: pearls represent purity, perfection and peace of mind. They are luxurious, a symbol of elegance and affluence.

Given the hype, it’s understandable that pearls are classic jewelry. Pearls are June’s birthstone and a traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift.

In my studio, pearls add pizzazz to a necklace. They’re wonderful expressions of sumptuousness and color. Pearls create a variety of looks, beyond the simple, single strand.

“Pearl-l’orange,” for example, presents my version of the color mango tango. Five strands of mango tango pearls with citrine beads in between form the base for a two-strand necklace with a pewter coin as its focal point. Together the two necklaces, now seven strands, form a statement of summer: bright, colorful, fresh.

“Pearl-essence,” is also two necklaces combined. In this case, cream-colored glass pearls


team with black beads for a sophisticated presentation. Five charms dangle to form the centerpiece for the base, single strand. The complementary piece, a dual strand necklace, features a vintage crystal clasp and random, faceted glass beads of crystal and black. A scattering of marbleized cream and black beads in each necklace adds interest and further ties the color scheme.

“Pearl-nami” raises the bar. The 30-inch, five strand piece contains a variety of freshwater


pearls in cream, blue and bronze. Bronze silver-lined seed beads serve as spacers. Abalone ovals pull the richness of the deep blue and bronze colors together. Rounds of silver Bali beads intersperse with coin, barrel, nugget and rice-shaped pearls. The effect is much like that of a tsunami: dramatic and outfit-changing at the very least!

These three examples only begin to reveal my deep appreciation for pearls.

This takes nothing away from the classic version of the pearl necklace. Au contraire! It merely opens up hundreds of new possibilities.

What do you think? Could pearls be in your future?