Pearls n Pink Play Party

Call it out-of-the-routine beading.

When Wisconsin beaders Mary and Linda joined me in my studio, we created a fabulous, spur-of-the-moment necklace gift for their hostess.

Freshwater pearls of pink and multi-color pink tink, faceted glass rounds, drop pearls, side drilled pearls and top drilled pearls of white, gold and green caught our attention. Faceted, mirrored glass spacers created an edginess that demanded attention in our five-strand finale.

What fun. We combined beads from our stash, concurred on a design idea and beaded “con brio” (with spirit)!

The impromptu task forced us to concentrate. Our theme, pearls and pink, kept us on track.

Each of us stretched our thinking. The laughter and chatter camaraderie plus the technique exchange made for a relaxing afternoon.

Set your body, mind and soul at ease with a bead date. Productivity is nearly guaranteed.
You’ll find as we did: creativity flows.

How do you play beads?