Crystal Angel Strands Represents Holiday Thoughts for Wearer

From the beginning, Crystal Angel Strands symbolized the Holidays.

In my experience, some beadweaving pieces can be envisioned immediately while others build themselves. Crystal Angel Strands built herself.

Early in the Fall two pieces of quartz loosely outlined a figure as they lay on pellon. A five-strand vintage bling thirties-era clasp set the tone for the piece. The find, from my bead mentor’s box, inspired me to collect a pile of clear beads and specially-shaped crystals.

Like leaves forming bigger piles on the ground, my finds began to dictate a form for the cabochon.

The beadweaving quickly morphed into the figure of an angel. Seed beads loosely outlined her skirt, formed scallops along the bottom, framed her face and provided a halo to complete the picture.

Silver leather lined the backside of Crystal Angel Strands and appropriately, a silver feather graced the bottom of her skirt. Seed beads of lilac and green carried the color theme from front to back.

In all, the necklace totaled 26 strands, a total of 13 per side. I added sterling silver safety chain and jump ring for safekeeping.

Crystal Ann Strands incorporated a sense of magic, true beauty and the fun of originality. To this day, the necklace represents the spirit of the Holiday season for me.

What do the Holidays represent for you? How do you express your spirit?