Charmed and Charming Baubles for Necklace Fun

Jewelry indulgences such as charms, proliferate. Purse charms, key fob charms, pull charms, charm bracelets and charm necklaces add variety and deeply symbolic meaning to wearables.

Indulge your personality-of-the-moment and wear whimsical charms:

  • Choose to broadcast your beliefs and wear a word, an expression such as “Joy” or “Believe.”
  • Jewelry built around family themes features boys and girls, with perhaps an engraved silhouette, or birthstones or any one of dozens of options.
  • Honor the holiday with those strings of little light bulbs.

Example: Honor the goddess within.

Instead of complaining about your weight, honor the feminine form! Three goddess charms showcase boobs and buttocks in a humorous presentation of necklace. Sun and moon charms on either side give rise to a wholesomeness that simply feels good.

If you happen to be the superstitious sort, replace your worn rabbit’s foot with a stone charm as you tune into the meaning of different stones.

  • Amethyst calms the mind.
  • Pearls help to bring truth to situations of the heart. Ivory pearls are understated, elegant.
  • Turquoise is believed to offer spiritual attunement.

Example: Pearl-essence: Various charms add interest to a pearl necklace. A leaf, a triangle, a circle – do one of these objects hold special meaning for you?

Example: Go green! The vibrant green striations of malachite assist in getting comfortable with changing situations.

Pick a meaningful symbol and create a charm of it.

  • A bullet casing from the 21-gun salute at my father’s funeral reminds me to be unstoppable.

What stones speak to you today? How will you make a charm of them?