Celebrate Bead Creativity in Everyday Life

Outrageous? Yes!

Silly? Maybe, could be seen that way.

Fun? Absolutely!

All too often we get so serious about our art or our hobby that we forget why we love it in the first place. So kick back and relax. This is a post about indulging the happy in you.

A personable little fairy adorns an oft-used, bright pink working tote bag. How can you not smile? Colorful bead fringe and a button face turn this carryall into a celebration of joy.

Why not choose to use bags with style? Once-plain cosmetic bags now beg to be displayed.

Add ribbon, beaded cabochons and pull-ring adornments to your heart’s content.

Or, take special beads and string them together in unusual ways as I did with these keyring baubles.

On the left, a large green trade bead is strung behind a treasured chevron. Two other unusual trade bead spacers and a hand-formed brass bead combine to make an unusual keyring with ties to the past.

A singleton earring gets new life as a tiny key fov on the right.

Psssst. Items like this make great “I’m thinking of you” gifts, too. How do you celebrate your bead creativity?