Ditch the agenda AND…?

A blue dichroic cross called to me from my workbench.

Agendas went out the window and I gave myself to building a necklace.

Funny, I’d thought about that cross from the moment I spied it in Maria Arancio Berry’s pack.  (Those of you who regularly follow my ramblings about beads know I’ve conspired with Maria, a dichroic glass maven, on more than one occasion. See this previous blog entry.)

The compelling electric blue or shimmered, enhanced by its black background.

Colors in any dichroic piece shift, depending on the angle from which it is viewed. These colors were especially persuasive, beckoning in their intensity.

Once at the workbench, a theme quickly emerged. Medals and charms combined easily.

I imagined a completed necklace, perfect for casual wear. It would be full, and not too heavy.

With that in mind, I chose small lapis and silver beads and teamed them with a Nigerian stripe spacer bead of blue and white.

I built six medal charms for the longest strand and six more cross charms for the short strand.

The middle I determined would be small beads…silver, lapis and striped with an occasional glass piece for color.

Engineering the back of the necklace took all my concentration.

Each of my three pieces of softflex wire pushed through the single strand of large holed silver and blue glass beads.

At every step of the way a hemostat clamp held the work in progress while I tried it on for spacing.

Did the strand hang easily and evenly?

Were the charms visible?

Did the top layer of charms fall in between the bottom ones?

From time to time I’d take a phone call, get a cup of tea or otherwise distract myself.

With each interruption, I’d squint my eyes and look at the progress on my bead board. Then I’d resume work.

In the end, I couldn’t tell you how long it took to build this necklace. I can’t describe why I picked a certain bead to complement a medal or cross. Nor can I explain why the theme seemed so important.

What I know for sure is I was in the flow.

What happens when you ditch the agenda to create?