Before and After Bead Action

“Art? You just do it.”

-Martin Ritt

Before and after pictures capture creative action, action which often leads to art. Let me explain.


  • A necklace breaks
  • We put it away
  • Rebecca’s little blue box contained pieces of a necklace once dear to her Mother
  • She asked if I could make something simple for her


  • First, I dumped the pieces onto a bead blanket
  • I put aside a single piece that didn’t seem to “fit”
  • I laid all pieces out on a bead board
  • I set aside an odd long piece


  • I added a round beads of similar color – garnets – between the long enamel tubular beads
  • Silver spacers complemented the burgundy and coordinated with a large toggle that seemed appropriate for the necklace
  • Using a silver headpin, I formed a memento with the leftover beads that could serve as a purse fob


  • As a result of creative action, Rebecca can now enjoy her new “old” necklace

Can creative action redefine a piece of jewelry for you?