Symbolic Beads Make Meaningful Necklaces

Why do we gravitate toward certain objects?

One explanation: we seek symbolism.

Take the lovely rabbit bead pictured above and ask yourself, what does it symbolize?

  • The rabbit, a symbol of Chinese astrology, is the luckiest of all signs
  • Rabbits represent new growth in artistic areas and new projects
  • Carry a rabbit and conquer fear
  • The rabbit helps one overcome limiting beliefs
  • Rabbits are a sign of fertility
  • Rabbits represent rebirth

This choker necklace features three large specialized beads: in addition to the symbolic wooden and ivory rabbit bead, a copal bead from Kenya is placed in the center and a black and white patterned bone bead (also from Kenya) is on the right.

Balance is maintained because the copal is placed in the center.

The vibrant colors in the other beads blend well and are attractive to the eye. Red Tibetan prayer beads serve as spacers. Additional African trade beads and hand-cast brass spacers add to the ethnic feel of the piece.

A large copper toggle updates the overall presentation making it perfect to wear with jeans and a tee.

So, is the rabbit calling your name?