Name Your Beadweaving or Jewelry or Other Art Project

Every project creates a naming opportunity.

Some such opportunities occur when unexpected events create stories.

©2011 Mary Ellen Merrigan, Calysta’s Dream. Beadweaving necklace.

Once upon a time Calysta, the precocious kitten that lets me live in her house, stole my tube of lime green beads.

I searched high and low: under furniture, down steps, in unexpected places like flower pots.

Finally, I finished this beadweaving (stitching one side of the back) with amber beads.

Two weeks later, I discovered the tube (inside an electrical outlet access space in the floor) and put the rest of the necklace together with tiny green accents.

Now, every time I see Calysta standing over the electric outlet space I laugh. I know she’s looking for her beads.

I find stories like this offer entertainment and inspiration for me and my customers. (See my April post, “Swipe the Beads, Leave the Creativity.”

Rena Klingenberg, of Jewelry Making Journal offers five tips for naming your jewelry.

What I most like about her post is this quote:

“I make jewelry from my soul, and my soul is filled with wonderful images, words, and feelings.”

I agree. My jewelry comes from my soul and my newsletter about the process of this creative infusion is Soul Juice.

How do you name your art?