Imagination Upgrades Your Art Display Options

Earlier this year I worked to make my artfest display inviting, attractive and easy to shop.

©2012 Mary Ellen Merrigan – The Abundance Collection

Using a simple pegboard, I displayed The Abundance Collection, my trade bead bracelets at the end of my booth.

While the display worked, I felt it could be better. The problems: lack of sturdiness and boring color presentation.

A friend found an alternative structure in a goodwill store. A little paint created a totally different result:   The warm yellow provides a sunny and yet subtle background for the bracelets, with a frame of faux gold swirls on the darker border.

©2012 Mary Ellen Merrigan – The Abundance Collection

 This display can be easily moved, even closed and locked if necessary, so it’s perfect for shows. It can also be closed and displayed from only one side if necessary.

The project took only a few hours to complete, and all costs (including the structure, the paint and paint brushes, etc) totaled under $50. What a great addition to my total booth investment.

Think imaginatively. How can you improve your art display?