Salud! Treasure Necklace, THE Ultimate Memory Marker

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, PatM Treasure Necklace

Memory Makers:

    • Big birthdays, especially big “0” birthdays
    • Extended family get-togethers
    • High school reunions
    • Deep conversations with best friends

Few things give me greater pleasure than combining my passion for beading with a client’s best memories to create a Treasure Necklace, a fabulous, memory-driven piece of wearable art.

What if you gathered your life story into one place? How would the story go?

Would dozens of vignettes play, each reminding you of another?

Would memories well up, causing you to remember loved ones? Eva’s giraffe got a special place on this necklace as a result.

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, PatM Treasure Necklace

Could you put your hand on one thing and recall in minute detail the situation? Laughing, Pat recalled her mother presenting her, (then a teenager) daughter with an embarrassing charm. The naked boy peeing hangs as one of three center charms, along with a cat holding the world. For cat-crazy Pat (and me!) this is significant.

More than thirty charms highlight Pat’s life. Nine rings capture relatives, special occasions and her marriage.

“Happy!” describes the feeling her treasure necklace generates. That feeling is supported with bright colors and special beads.

Her necklace lives where she can see it daily.


©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, PatM Treasure Necklace


Treasure necklaces are one-of-a-kind pieces: special, personal. In Pat’s case, she described and got an over-the-top creation: “Strong. Bold. Ethnic.”

The joy of revisiting experiences, successes, people from the past and keepsakes comes from sharing. Voicing our stories gives life to memories.

It’s a privilege to listen and create ways to express what I hear and sense in a custom treasure necklace that provides ongoing joy.

Your life is made of memories. A treasure necklace is your memory marker.

You literally wear a treasure necklace next to your heart, thus renewing its magic time after time. This is your life story in small components. This is your energy in the world.

When will you begin to gather your memories for a treasure necklace?