Bead Artist Cindy Chavez Packs FUN Into Every Project

“I want everybody to have as much fun as I’m having!”

Cindy Chavez, Bead artist

She means it. The enthusiasm of Cindy Chavez collects people and projects: from beads and fibers to resin-filled bezels and paints, to mixes of many techniques. A whirlwind of unending ideas, you sense Cindy leaps into creativity (and everything else) with passion and joy.

©2010, Cindy Chavez, Katmandu Sunrise, freeform beaded necklace

“I used to think I hadn’t found my niche. Now I view it as not being locked into any one medium.”

“No matter if I’m using beads, fibers, metals or paints…it’s the mixing of textures that is my main focus, not working exclusively with beads.

“When beads entered the mix in 2005, my creative direction changed…expanded. Mixing beads was something I immediately felt a strong connection to.”

She refers to herself as an embellisher, especially drawn to textures and given to experiment with almost any medium.

With typical ease, Cindy invited me to an informal doming resin session after I admitted to being enrolled in her Optical Illusion Class.

©2010 Cindy Chavez, Glass tile pendant

Teaching calls her, although in typical fashion, she turns the talk from herself and discusses “the talented students in my workshops.”

“I want them to not be afraid to mix things up once in awhile, whether it be with beads, fibers or other elements and mediums, in whatever art form they create.

A former gallery owner, she now offers online classes through, teaches regularly for The Beaded Iris an Albuquerque Bead Store and the New Mexico Bead Society.  

©2006 Cindy Chavez, Silk-based beaded bracelet

Her hope:

“In some small way I want students to take some of my techniques and go forth, reaching out and exploring lots of new ideas, trying things they might not have tried before, feeling the excitement of creating something different and surprising themselves at the beautiful results.”

Her advice: (and it’s not just about art)

“Do what you do and enjoy it – opportunities and people will come. The more you let go, the faster it comes.”

For now, Cindy’s planning a future wall piece class, thinking about her book, and small steps forward.

©2008 Cindy Chavez, New Mexico Zia Quilt Block, 4” x 4” square

NOTE: Each month I talk with a different artist. Cindy and I barely paused, yakking about beads and beading creativity for more than two hours.