Say YES to Choker-style Statement Necklaces

These things intrigue me:

    • Real gemstones
    • Beadweavings
    • Multi-strand necklaces

Combine them, and I’m over the top with delight.

Choker necklaces fit snugly around the neck. Yet, each presentation looks different.

©2011, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Butterflies R Free Beadweaving

In Butterflies R Free, the oblong focal, a beadweaving encompassing a butterfly cabochon below a piece of tiger eye, hangs nearly four inches.

A focal of similar size looks entirely different on a multi-strand presentation of citrine.

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Serene Citrine Beadweaving

The warm yellow-toned gemstone, citrine, often referred to as “the stone of success,” stands up to daily wear and looks positively yummy when mixed with clear quartz and other faceted glass. Who could not love this piece?

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Tangerine Treatment

Beadweaving Tangerine Treatment uses freshwater and coin pearls as its necklace foundation. Once again, a beadweaving focal fits snugly at the bottom of one’s neck. In this instance, a tri-strand extender lets the completed necklace extend five more inches.

For those who prefer necklaces without a focal, I have a solution. Wear two.

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Garnet Overload

This 10-strand garnet is a prime example.

Yes, over-the-top wins everytime in my studio. It’s a statement!

What’s your statement necklace of choice?