Pick Any Item and Begin a Beadweaving


©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, pewter buttons

These three buttons caught my eye. Because of their interesting pattern, I’d kept them for months.

Before I could change my mind, I clipped the shank off one, filed it smooth and glued it to some Lacey’s stiff stuff.

A popsicle mix of hot pink, lime green and blue appealed to me that day. It made for a light-hearted center focal that stitched itself up quickly. Flippy dancing dangles add to the whimsical appeal of the piece.


©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Popsicle focal of pink, green and blue with button

At a local gem and mineral show I found the perfect strand of beads to pick up my pink-veined look. Whoopee! I thank my lucky stars for finds like these whenever they occur.

Originally I planned to use the blue glass pictured here to complement the veined look my other beads presented.  As you can see, the blue was too bright.

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Popsicle focal with bead strand

Completing the necklace was a snap.  I used some denim lapis, old pewter beads of various shapes and faceted hot pink crystals. The piece so appealed to the little girl in me that I named it “The Child Within.”

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, “The Child Within” beadweaving necklace

The moral is simple: if you’re in love with an object, as I loved these buttons, consider carefully how you might utilize it in your next beadweaving.

The results of your project will surprise and amaze you.