Heed the Call of the Bead Siren

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Studio Time

The bead siren calls and, of course, I answer. Regardless of deadlines, “should-do’s,” and pending projects, I give myself to the bead siren and find joy in creating.

My studio is a sanctuary. Once inside, nothing intrudes on creativity. This kind of indulgence used to be a luxury.

As recently as a few months ago, I’d wait for beading time. Now, I realize I must program creativity into my days. It helps me maintain humor and perspective.

The act of doing something you love makes the rest of life flow!

Consider how one of my beading impulse projects, macramé key fobs, morphed into a new product. A friend ordered 30 to give as presents. What an honor to create each of them for her.

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Macrame Key Fobs #1

As I worked on the key fobs, new design combinations popped into my mind.

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Macrame Key Fobs #2

In short, I played and played.

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Macrame Key Fobs #3

For some reason, it’s been a time of multiples. I crafted art tool bags for six buddies, painting hearts and developing zipper pulls or re-purposing creative pins to personalize the bag for each individual. Shhhhhhhhhhhh! It’s a secret!

©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Creativity Salon Tool Bags

As you know from following my posts, since the “Arm Party” no week is complete without a bling-y bracelet or two.

Popular leather wraps with crystals, copper, cultured pearls and more wait to be gifted.

1309 ©2012, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Leather wrap bracelets

In a month filled with hectic activity, (the Holidaze!) the quite of my studio becomes critical.

Besides: what could be more fun than answering the call of the bead siren?

How do you pamper yourself and foster creativity?