Mary Ellen Beads Joins Amapola Gallery

Mary Ellen Beads’ Initial Display – Amapola Gallery

The stars (and beads!) lined up and I joined Amapola Gallery this week.

If you’ve been to Old Town Albuquerque, you probably know Amapola. Located on the west side of the square, the historic building used to be a home for unwed mothers. (That story is for another day.)

A few of my “favorites” – Mary Ellen Beads’ initial display – Amapola Gallery

Forty one local artists call the upstairs part of the building “home.”

My trainer for the day, potter Sandra Lipka, guided me through the maze of procedures involved in working retail. Mixed media maven Kris Parrott made sure I read the by-laws, policies and procedures and signed my name the dozens of times needed to make me official.

While I haven’t met jeweler Sallyjane Bolle, I feel as if I know her. She’s been most helpful by phone. Sharing her front jewelry case makes me feel quite special. After all, it takes a fair amount of trust to let a stranger move your belongings!

Every Amapola artist encounter has been friendly. I expect to introduce all of the participants to my readers during the coming months.

The first floor Romero Street shops (just below Amapola) include Romero’s Ice Cream Parlor.


Tall, dark, handsome and helpful Victor of Romero’s Ice Cream Parlor

Wouldn’t you know it…Victor was the one to open the door and carry my big box up the stairs. What a welcome!

This is my first gallery experience and I’m over the moon about it!

Amapola Gallery, 205 Romero Street NW, Old Town Albuquerque

What are you celebrating this week?