The Luck of Perfect Timing

How fun to repurpose found objects into works of art. How lucky when everything comes together seamlessly.

My star beadweaving offers one such story, although the repurposing timeline covers a couple of years.

If you, like me, think belatedly about taking pictures, then you understand even more about this project.

I never snapped a shot of the original bead. It came in a package of “objects you might could use” from my friend Kim in Montrose, CO.

The smooth texture and rich caramel color of the drilled star bead captured my interest. Since no particular creation came immediately to mind, I did nothing with the element. It became a part of my stash.

Since it would be “expected” and therefore, “boring” to use the drilled star as a focal piece on a necklace, it awaited inspiration.

Months later, a picture cameo caught my attention and I affixed it to the star.

I entertained vague thoughts of freeform beading the piece, but again, took no further action.

Instead, I pinned the piece to a small neck in my studio. There it sat for months.

©2011 Mary Ellen Merrigan, Star with Cameo

My philosophy says items like this need to be out in full view in case the bead of purpose strikes. My star was captured in the background of another photo.

On New Year’s Day 2013 the bead of purpose struck! I plucked the object off the neck and started beading furiously. I could “see” the star playing a part in my theme-for-the-year piece.

Here’s my object‘d art now ready for incorporation into a bigger piece.

© 2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, “Shine,” framed star beadweaving

In a mysterious way, this artpiece is part of the repurpose, reuse, recycle movement and that makes me happy.

So, even though this was two years in the making, start to finish, it was really perfect timing!

Does perfect timing happen to you?