Bead Soup Blog Party Challenges Comfort Zone

I took a leap and joined the Bead Soup Blog Party .

Before the voice of reason could speak up and remind me I had too much to do, too many deadlines and no need for a “frivolous” project, I signed up.

Now I’m doing the Happy Dance. Party on! Amp it up! Bead on and on and on!

Bead Soup Blog Party, the brainchild of Lori McDaniel Anderson pairs you with a partner with whom you exchange a bead packet (a package meeting specific requirements). You then make a creation from that packet and post a picture of it on your blog on the reveal date.

The project challenges you to make something awesome with beads you might not choose.

I love the activity of creating a piece from materials provided to me. But participating in a 500-person blog hop has me so excited I can’t be still.

I popped over to Bead Soup Café and PrettyThingsBlog to learn more.

The energy is palpable. It’s only a matter of hours until the partner posting.

The leader (Lori) who had the foresight to begin the process intrigues me. She’s trademarked the event, written the Bead Soup book as well as tutorials, kits, e-books and more. What an inspiration.

I’m thrilled to expose my blog to other beader participants, to expose my spirit to the outpouring of creativity, and to learn more about my partner.

Stay tuned for more details on my Bead Soup journey! I promise to keep you posted.

What have you done lately to move out of your comfort zone?