Bead Soup Presentation Sets High Benchmark

My Bead Soup from bead artist and Bead Soup partner Pam Chesbro arrived this week.

I’d confessed to rocking my comfort zone earlier when I joined the Seventh Bead Soup blog party.

Simple rules for the event provide each participant maintain a blog, send quality beads to a partner, including a focal and clasp that must be used, and post a creation made from the “bead soup” on a specific reveal date.

As I tore open the packaging, challenges of comparison (my box to her wasn’t nearly that big) besieged me.

©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Bead Soup Blog Party 7 – First Peek

I crowed in surprise when I discovered a present inside the package marked “Open First!”

IMG_1487 ©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Bead Soup Blog Party 7 – My Present – bejewelled tape measure

The bejeweled tape measure immediately found its way to my beading travel bag.

One of the neat aspects of the Blog Soup Party is learning about your partner. In this case, I discovered little bits about Pam from her written comments. It resonated with me:

“I am just crazy for tools – thus your little gift. I hope you find it useful and beautiful.”

She must have understood the compulsion to immediately open everything, because her note also said,

“Please open your little gift and your soup and then come back to read all about why I sent these things.”

Naturally, I needed no such encouragement. I wanted to honor her creative packaging with careful unwrapping, but that didn’t happen. Ever impatient, I hurried on.

©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Bead Soup Blog Party 7 – My Soup Package

The coordinated presentation, pleasing to anyone, made the artist in me smile. Textured ribbon, matching tissue paper, embellished cards describing the contents, tiny storage containers…you get the idea.

©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Bead Soup Blog Party 7 – My Soup UnPackaged

“I have a fascination with small storage containers. Now you have some too!” …from Pam’s postscript note.  

©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Bead Soup Blog Party 7 – My Soup UnPackaged-A

You can only begin to imagine the delight I feel as I walk by my soup in the studio or reread Pam’s words:

“I’ve always been fascinated with …nature – water, sky and sunshine and rain, all colors in your soup. I am grounded in earth but surrounded by beauty.”

“Happy Cooking,”

Indeed! My soup is simmering! And, it occurs to me:

I’m in gratitude. My cup runneth over!

Does presentation contribute to your work of art?