How do You Simmer Bead Soup?

I treasure my handwritten  soup recipe on which I’ve written “simmer for at least two years.”

This week’s converging deadlines made for a hectic schedule, one that precluded beading.

Full simmer for my bead soup from partner Pam Chesbro in Tulsa. No problem. Pam, who just changed jobs, is in full simmer mode as well.

How do you do your simmers?

In the studio, I’d walk by the soup mix and run my hand across a few beads, moving a piece or two from one side to the other.

Bead Soup from Pam Chesbro, Tulsa, OK

In between a collaborative entry for the Fiber Arts Fiesta (due last week), a project for the New Mexico Bead Society treasure hunt (due this week) and my social media re-certification from VA Classroom, life presented challenges.

I moved the soup mix bead boards from the bench to a chair, then to a different bench, all the while seeking new perspectives.

While on hold for something, I read about the dragonfly focal from local Tulsa artist Suzy Komar. According to Pam’s notes, Suzy is a bit of a hermit. (I must admit I couldn’t discover many additional details about her art from the web.)

Later in the week, I added a different face from my stash to the mix and considered options. In my “story,” one face represents me and one my partner Pam.

My friend Jane Lee, in from California, volunteered to send me a face from her collection. This is the picture she sent.

Bone faces selection from Jane F. Lee’s stash

Which would you choose?

My round face took its place in the mix. It’s too plain, I think.

Bead Soup remixed

Beads in, beads out: I squinted my eyes, took another look, and made yet more changes.

Could I use potential additions from my stash?

More ideas than ever are now in my brain. I’m not sure what I’ll do, which design I’ll pursue, or what the outcome will be.

How do you simmer bead soup?