Bead Soup Blog Party Simmer ABQ-Style

As I read dozens of posts from fellow participants of the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party, I’m inspired.

Salud! to the community for stories shared, photos taken, ideas offered, and creativity encouraged.

This week brings/brought a convergence of deadlines, including, in my studio, Bead Soup simmering.

…Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… there’s a marvelous disarray of creativity brewing.

I leave the computer in my office, walk by my Bead Soup and stir the beads, then give my attention to a multi-media Bead-Soup-Related piece. (Everything’s Bead Soup-related now, even if it isn’t really.)

Box-Bead Soup Blog Party

My mixed media box decoupage includes the “Words” tissue paper from Bead Soup partner, Pam Chesbro.

How fun, I thought, to send her tissue back in a different format. Pam confessed to loving boxes.

I shared the story to ”Ooooh’s!” and “Aaah’s!” from Collaborheartists, my creativity group yesterday.

Naturally, I’d left sanding to last, in part because I wanted advice from my peers. So, on my way home from Collaborheartists, I stopped to pick up sand paper.

Unfortunately, In my finishing excitement, I broke the hinge on the back of the box top.

decoupage box featuring little bee from Italy in nest of pearls

Yikes! Now I have a new project: drill a screw into the side of the box top. The result will be so worth it, don’t you think?

But I can’t work on the box at the moment. I’m off to a class with bead artist Diane Hertzler.

Could “Tucson Bangle II” be Bead Soup Related? Hmmmmmmmm.