How to Repurpose Old Jewelry for Heartful Impact

 ©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, HeartFull Charms

©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, HeartFull Charms

My three sisters and I are scattered across four states. Each month we schedule a conference call to give us a tiny bit of together time.

We’ve coordinated four schedules for a couple of years. In 2013 we added a “question of the month.”

This month: “In what three ways are you most like your mother?

As I puttered around the studio, I remembered answers:

    • Make the bed on rising (“It’s just as easy as leaving it.”)
    • Serve as the caretaker for the family(this means planning the next meal while at the table for the current one.)
    • Keep in touch with friends around the country (“Don’t send an empty card. If you’re going to spend the money on a stamp, write a note.”)
    • Clean the house (“What would people think?”)
    • Save (“for a rainy day”)
    • “Good” outfits (“Change your clothes so you look good when we go somewhere.”)

Nuances say “Mother.”

I found myself attaching hearts to a chain in part, because I was thinking with my heart and in part, because I wanted to make a fun gift for a friend recovering from surgery.

I used two split rings on each heart so the charms dangled nicely.

Some hearts were new. Others were gathered from projects now forgotten. They lived in my stash for this very moment.

A quick twist of color and brass onto a headpin plus a heart dangling from the end circle made matching earrings.

 ©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, HeartFull Charms

©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, HeartFull Charms

Mother would be proud. She doesn’t call it “upcycling,” but she’d be pleased to see a creation made from a once-loved piece of jewelry.

At 85 Mother doesn’t refer to re-purposing, either. But she does believe in re-use.

You can find dozens of repurposed, recycled and reused jewelry ideas with a quick search on Pinterest, but Mother doesn’t go there.

I’m pleased to think of my Mother as charmed with this necklace.

Mother and her puzzle

Mother and her puzzle


I told her about the blog post and encouraged her to ask my sisters about their answers to this month’s question.

Yes, a flirty little design prompted charming, heart-full thoughts for me.

How about you? In what three ways you’re most like your Mother?