Visit the Attic at Amapola Gallery This Weekend

Amapola Gallery, occupies the second floor of the historic 1849 Romero house in Old Town Albuquerque. But it’s far from a stodgy ole place, especially this weekend.

Saturday/Sunday, May 18-19, 2013, Amapola opens its second floor patio, loosely termed the attic, to the public to house an attic sale.

Almost all of the 42 artists offer some inventory for sale. Imagine!

If you’ve been eyeing a special work of art, this could be your time. Reductions as high as 50% are offered on some sale items.

Pssssssssssst! Clip the website coupon for an unheard of 5% savings throughout the gallery!

Mary Ellen Merrigan curates her space at Amapola Gallery May 6, 2013

Mary Ellen Merrigan curates her space at Amapola Gallery May 6, 2013

In preparation, we curated our space earlier this month. Sallyjane Bolle snapped my picture.

A rock artist, Sallyjane happens to be one of the reasons I’m at Amapola. Her friendly demeanor and willingness to answer my questions assured me I’d made a good choice.

Nearly six months later, I’m (still ‘over the moon,’ as this previous post notes) appreciative of the opportunity. It’s my first gallery experience.

Amapola Gallery is an art cooperative with 42 talented members, each passionate about their medium. As a coop, the Gallery is owned by and run by its members. Here’s a peek at a recent Board meeting. …note the friendly smiles and welcoming faces.

Amapola Gallery Board members meet over breakfast

Amapola Gallery Board members meet over breakfast

You can expect to meet many of the Board members as well as the member artists at the attic sale.

I volunteer Saturday afternoon, so come by and introduce yourself. Some of my special “arm party offerings” and a special grouping of summer necklaces will be on attic display.

…There’s something about the synergy of a crowd that really amps up the fun factor, doesn’t it? Something about spending time with people who are excited about what they do and how it’s presented. It’s going to be a blast.

Check out the Amapola Attic: 10am – 5pm, Saturday and Sunday, May 18-19, 2013.

Will I see you there?