In praise of the BIGs

“Some women just gravitate to big pieces.”

Ruth, owner of “The Nifty Needle” referred to phenomenon in which a needlepointer consistently chooses large canvas projects. Those who seek more frequent gratification chose to work smaller canvases.

It’s the same with jewelry. Some of us gravitate to large necklaces. Yesterday’s creation looks perfect on a turtleneck, but it’s (“Ahem!) big!


The long, narrow focal of three graduated silver swirls adds three inches to the necklace.

Large beads further emphasize the impact of this piece, with large silver ovals emphasizing the centerpiece.

Lava rock adds an organic dimension to this necklace, although big, lava rock beads are not as heavy as marbleized ones. But who’s justifying?

The smoothed, small cavities characteristic of the lava rock bead contribute to its lightweight feel.

At Amapola Gallery where I’m a member, one woman shows single strands of tiny crystals. She sells well because lots of women like the tiny look. It’s not for me, although I’m appreciative of the work involved.

For me, it’s great fun to decide what the second or third necklace will be if I’m wearing just a simple one-strand.

I’m not bragging, just observing.

What’s your style? Do you gravitate to the bigs? Then you’ll like my jewelry. It’s specially made for the woman who’s unafraid of making an impression.

That’s right. It’s all too easy to hide your glorious self in annonouminity. Give it up! Shine! Your jewelry defines you in any situation.

Choose to make a statement every day. Share your energy with the world.

A beautiful necklace says, “I love life!” Ok, I’m just sayin’ “put the word out!”

Are you ready to go big?