So Not Your Mother’s Pearls

©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Ammonite Beadweaving

©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Ammonite Beadweaving

This lovely ammonite prompted a bead weaving that lived next to my workbench for several weeks.

My ammonite possesses deep charcoal and shades of gold swirled together, colors that repeated in the pearls framing the focal.

It prompted me to learn more about the stoneI discovered they offer strong feng shui.

Still, I didn’t complete the project.

Throughout this time of waiting, I envisioned my eventual-to-be-creation: perfect for Fall, natural as a statement piece, fabulous as a fashionable, wearable beadweaving.

Some would call this procrastination. Even when a focal begs to hang itself in a necklace, I can wait. It’s as if I’m looking for a special invitation to put the necklace together.

Like many projects, this one practically made itself because when the impetus, in the form of an event finally came, the movie in my mind let me quickly create the piece.

I chose bronze, gold and charcoal pearls in various shapes and sizes for the six necklace strands. The colors repeated and I tucked tiny faceted glass beads in between to draw light and add interest.

Each of the strands included the color combinations in different patterns. To add consistency, I made sure I used several of the same pearls that framed the ammonite.

The drama of pearl shapes creates interest and fullness for the necklace. At 18” it hangs longer than a simple choker might.


©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Ammonite Beadweaving Necklace

It was a special bonus to wear my new creation to a fashion show at Festival the Bazaar, sponsored by The Spanish Colonial Arts Society. Announcer Denise Codero of Diva D’luxe stated that pearls go with anything these days.

“Yes!” I thought. “I second that emotion.”

Of course, these are “not your Mother’s pearls.” Not some single strand to wear with your sweater and poodle skirt!

These pearls ooze the joy of one of the world’s most luxurious beads.

Maybe the feng shui joke’s on me…my ammonite just unblocked my energy.

What do you think?