Angels charm necklace

Christmas Song Inspires Angel Necklace

Ever had one of those snippets of sound play over and over in your head? It happened to me. The sound of a Christmas carol stuck and began to play over and over.

“Angels we have heard on high…”

Angels we have heard charm necklace

©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Angels We Have Heard, Charm Necklace


I headed for the studio, inclined to think that this was a sign to check my bead stash.

Sometimes the best ideas materialize more easily in the mind than on the workbench. It happened that way with the angel necklace.

No sweet swinging for me… When first these angel charms hung from jumprings, they didn’t look right. Each of them turned differently and the necklace looked contrived. Welcome to the “do-over.”

“Emphasize love!” came the voice of inspiration. I added two charms, “love and be loved” and “believe in love,” to the mix.

White heart beads provided continuity, playing on the love theme, and red beads added a dash of holiday color.

As my theme idea became clearer, the design changed for the better. Each time I tried the experimental version on, I got a new idea for the completed design. Call me wierd, but I truly have to see it to design it.

Angel beads form my secret stash offered interest around the upper neckline. Lovingly I fingered the treasures I’d found at a small boutique. First I grouped the angel beads, then the charms. With its focal of eight dangles, the new piece began to hang well. Evenly.

Angels charm necklace

©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Angels We Have Heard, Charm Necklace, 18″ with 4″ extender

A four-inch extender makes this 18″ necklace easy to wear over turtlenecks.

“Angels we have heard” says ‘Holiday’ in a special way.

Just to check, I wore the new creation to an Italian Christmas celebration benefiting the Jina Performing Arts Studio. One thing I know: it was fun.

Charm necklace - Angels we have heard

©2013, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Angels We Have Heard, Charm Necklace

What snippet of song will you choose for inspiration?