phone holder aprons

Making Your List and Checking it Twice or Three Times

Holiday ideas grace my studio table…and get stuffed into baskets on the shelves, or wait to be noticed in project boxes alongside the workbench.

(In fact, so many of “those ones” exist, I’m not even going to start.)

Instead, here are a few completions to launch your creative mode. If tiger eye (a practical stone purported to assist in re-establishing harmony in our lives)appeals, consider this simple necklace. tiger eye necklace with pewter focalOr, for bling, throw on some red lampglass. A dichroic glass pendant of red wrapped with brass just begs to be noticed. The matching earrings add to the ensemble. Who doesn’t want bling at the Holidays? Holiday hearts bling necklaceI juxtaposed the colors with fire agate and faceted glass in the piece necklace below. This technique adds movement and interest.

The 18″ necklace is perfect on its own. However, a matching five-inch extender gives it new and longer life, perfect for those cowl-neck sweaters we love to wear when it’s cold outside.

fire agate fun necklace


I had such fun at the Bead Board. Some might call that the soul of beading.

I beg to differ. I love freestyle and mixed media projects that include beads. The “pocket tool apron” was my answer to a problem: it’s the perfect solution for those times when you need to carry a phone (or glasses) with you.

I embellished away and had so much fun stitching these together that I’ve ordered a few more blanks.

phone holder aprons

Hey, is it Christmas yet? I’m just about ready!

Are you looking for jewelry or embellished items for gifts?