carnelian inspired year of the horse

Kung hei fat choy! Happy Chinese new year!

Inspired to charge into the Year of the Horse? Me too. I have to quit with the horse focals.

carnelian inspired year of the horse

© 2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Year of the Horse II

In an earlier post I featured a necklace of Peking glass and a large horse focal.

Year of the Horse II uses seed beads in sizes 6, 8 and 11 for the ten dangles that hang in the center. Did I think to get a picture of the seed bead preparation? No such luck. The process of creating simply absorbed me and, as usual, I lost all sense of time.

Ahhh. The dangles add perfect movement, further emphasizing the symbolism in a horse year.

The redish-orange focal pairs with leaf-shaped forest jasper and polished carnelian, a stone believed to add pep and energy. A bail and toggle of sterling silver complete the necklace.

Blissed out, I puttered in the studio all day, playing beads. In organizing, I found strands I’d forgotten, hidden in my stash. I thought about different combinations, and tried several.

I challenged myself to re-think projects.

Lynda models one such result: a re-made necklace and earrings named “Lucky Stars” in honor of the new year. (Those dyed-ink button pearls make an awesome choker, don’t they?)

Lynda models Lucky Stars necklace and earrings

© 2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, “Lucky Stars” necklace and earrings

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Today’s the day. Set your intention(s) for the new year. Surprise. My intention is to bead on! Kung hei fat choy! Happy Chinese new year!

What will you create during Year of the Horse?