crafting cards for the family

The litter of creativity

Pictures. Worth 1,000 words. But seldom the whole story.

In this picture… not your average dirt.Litter of creativity

This dustpan holds the litter of creativity.

A group crafting project at the holidays gathered far more than a few clippings, beads, paint chips and cracker crumbs (from the snacks, of course).

Giggles, stories and combined ideas created a memorable experience and 20-some cards!

crafting cards for the familyImagine the joy of reconnecting with a personalized, handmade birthday card.

In 2014, each family member will receive a card with special notes and/or pictures relating to fun family facts created on an afternoon in December.

For a brief time, the family (scattered across seven states) will be connected with laughs and happy memories as the piece is delivered and its special message is read.

Since most of the birthdays have yet to occur, I can’t share the creations, with the exception of Sally’s card. (She celebrated January 16th.)

Sally's cardWhen I look at the “litter” of this project, I see and remember:

  • A fun-filled afternoon
  • The synergy of group creating
  • Great memories
  • Loving, creative tweaks on old family stories
  • Inside jokes
  • Caring attitudes
  • Play
  • Laughter

My family salutes handmade, the art that makes both giving and receiving special.

Salud! to nephew Zach who knitted an infinity scarf and hat for Jessie.

Infinity scarf and hat knitted by ZachAnd, Salud! To his sister and my neice Meghan who crafted an awesome guitar for Ian!

Guitar nail artI’m sure both Zach and Meghan discovered the real litter of creativity. Will you?