2-strand necklace of white agate and multicolored blister pearls

Play days in the studio

Pure heaven! An uninterrupted day in the studio brings out the best in me. Paradise.

“Cloud Nine” showed up during my most recent play date.

2-strand necklace of white agate and multicolored blister pearls

© 2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Cloud Nine

A white agate background makes this two-strand necklace seem even more colorful. Tiny hearts also of white agate add to the whimsy. Multi-colored blister pearls contribute to a general feeling of bright and cheerful.

After Cloud Nine, I simply puttered for a time. I found myself sorting beads, nodding in appreciation for my newly-organized box of silver spacers. I felt as if my stash had suddenly increased. I recognized a glimmer of excitement and satisfaction with the new sense of order too.

Then, blue and white colors called.  Most of my readers know I have a weakness for anything blue. Bright blue beads put me in high spirits.

© 2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Happy Days

© 2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Happy Days

As I ordered my blue, clear glass beads  in other primary colors snuggled up to vintage African trade beads for an easy-wearing, blue jean kind of a necklace. Specially shaped beads added to my delight. I fingered ovals and embellished rounds with enjoyment as they lay on the bead board.

In a playful mood, I added dangles to the piece. How fun is that? Happy Days indeed!

A day in the studio feels incredibly liberating.  I set aside all deadlines and special projects. I focused exclusively on the exhilaration of creating.

I noticed a tiny pulse in the form of internal anticipation for the combination of unexpected colors; the perfect ‘pop’ thrilled me. As a bonus, it looked primo in the necklace, too.

Do you get the idea my day flew by in a series of happy, happy, happy? I refer to this state as the soul of beading.

All too soon ‘back to reality’ demanded I load the dishwasher, put in a load of laundry, and start something for dinner. Not a problem. Satisfied, I realized the studio would call again soon.

Will you schedule a play date?