order from Om Tara Etsy shop

Beyond expectation


You receive your USPO standard-size, small box. On time.

You expect a small, single strand of large hole pearls.

You get…a delivery to surprise and delight!

order from Om Tara Etsy shop

My order from the Om Tara Etsy shop exceeded expectations.

Not only were my pearls wrapped in a happy metallic bag, but an inspirational card, “Dream,” and a tiny strand of glass beads added to the surprise of attractively presented packaging.

A note tucked inside explained:

“Thank you for purchasing an Om Tara adornment piece. Every item is handmade with love and focused attention.

People say my work makes them feel empowered and beautiful. That’s the intention I put into my work – my wish that everyone recognize and celebrate their unique beauty and purpose. Perhaps their feelings are a reflection of the complete joy I feel designing each piece; I love the natural beauty and energy of the stones as well as the power that each Divine Feminine archetype expresses. Om Tara! Symbolizes for me the compassion, hope and expansive love a mother feels for her child – a loving reflection of that beautiful seed of potential expressed through each of us.

Instead of simple “fulfillment,” I received a gift-wrapped order, a bonus and inspirational wishes. Yes, it made my day.

How do you surprise and delight your customer?

Disclosure: Last month I posted about Laura Gasparrini and Om Tara after attending one of her classes in Tucson. She mentioned me in her March newsletterAlthough the timing is near, my Etsy experience was unrelated and therefore, even more awesome!