How do you push your boundaries?

Learning something new can be a bit uncomfortable.  In the face of discomfort or plain fear, mastering a technique seems daunting.

©2014 Mary Ellen Merrigan, drilling with Beth Shea

©2014 Mary Ellen Merrigan, drilling with Beth Shea

Notice the grimace on my face? It confirms uncomfortable.

I chose the class, “Drilling Found Objects” on purpose. Early in the year I planned which new techniques I would learn and master.

Prior to Instructor Beth Shea my drilling experience was minimal. I avoided power tools, telling myself I was perfectly happy to “string.”  Expanding my comfort zone didn’t occur as a natural (read easy) experience.

Not surprisingly, Beth anticipated some of her students might feel this way. Beth owns and operates Echo Artworks bead shop and gallery. ECHO stands for Educate, Create & Help Others, an acronym which describes my class experience perfectly.

In a slow, gentle and calming voice, Beth generously shared her considerable knowledge. She offered helpful tips and commentary about all things drilling-related. She answered questions and guided newbies in proper technique.

I changed bits, drilled through different thicknesses of materials and internalized information about drilling.

My “found” objects, which we’d been invited to bring, included a pearl, a copper penny and a piece of sea glass. I completed a drilled hole in each of them using the techniques Beth presented.

©2014 Mary Ellen Merrigan, found objects drilled

©2014 Mary Ellen Merrigan, found objects drilled

Those three finds sit on my bench as reminders of how easy it is to move out of my own way. Small accomplishments. Big steps.

How will you move out of your own resistance?