Reflections on Jasper

In my world, joy in beading comes from multiple sources. As I learn about each stone, its importance increases and I gain a new appreciation for beads in my stash.

I love to hear what people think about gemstones and why one is preferred over another.

Customers at the gallery, at a show, or in my studio will frequently ask about the meaning of particular stones. It’s fun to share, and I find myself studying up in order to be better informed about the materials in my pieces.

Jasper, for example, gets kudos as a stone of nourishing energy and vitality.

One of the oldest of gemstones, jasper is mentioned frequently in the bible. It was popular with ancient civilizations. According to some sources, jasper can reinforce one’s determination to pursue goals.

The opaque reddish brown, a reflection of iron in some jasper speaks to this option in my opinion.

©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Iron Will Helper

©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Iron Will Helper

What goal could this necklace help you achieve?

Or, consider a different color: green. This green jasper necklace is perfect for the transition time of summer to fall. The lush stone seems comforting and supportive.

Special shapes add interest to the neckline. The light weight chain attached to the jasper rounds helps the earrings suggest flexibility.

©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Jasper Nurturer

©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Jasper Nurturer

No matter which color of jasper you choose, you’ll discover one of my favorite elements: the stripes and striations in individual pieces.

These yellow jasper gemstones seem perfect to ward off negativity. It would be almost impossible to be negative while wearing this lovely piece.

The donut on this necklace contains just a hint of deep copper. I was lucky enough to have my friend Michele create a handmade copper toggle just perfect for this necklace.

©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Jasper Inspiration

©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Jasper Inspiration

You can browse an extensive listing of jasper healing properties or simply learn more about the stone in general on wikipedia.

Or, take it from me. One thing I know for sure: the versatility of jasper extends its utility and desirability.

How will you incorporate jasper into your beading?