Swap Meet Launches Bead Delight

“If you’re crazy about it, buy it!”

-Mary Ellen’s rule of shopping

My friend Michele suggested we check out the annual swap meet at Santa Fe Jewelry Supply. Not knowing what to expect, I managed expectations to a “garage sale” level. After all, I theorized, “this” can’t compete with an annual trip to Tucson.

Color me amazed! First of all, we arrived early. If you’re a bargain hunter, you know there’s no substitute for early at a swap because you get first review as goods are set out for sale. We strolled around the tables, chatting with the vendors.

NOTE TO SELF: Consider revising shopping rule parameter as you seem to have a boundless capacity for beads!

©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan Collage - Swap Meet finds

©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan Collage – Swap Meet finds

As I unpacked my “few things,” I…

  • Admired the bone and black and considered crafting a Day of the Dead necklace
  • Sighed over Turkish glass, red jasper, quartz and other special pieces
  • Breathed in the energy of gold coral, Tibetan turquoise, and labradorite
  • Fingered the shiny leaves envisioning a dramatic choker
  • In the end, the beads made the decision for me.
©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, groupings from an afternoon

©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan, groupings from an afternoon

The first person who saw my leaf and pearl creation bought it. I had a fun time making it and couldn’t be happier that someone loved my idea at first sight.

Now I have another decision. I paired a fabulous Quan Yin with the red jasper. It felt right. Natural. Should I make it mine?

©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan "Quan Yin" with red jasper

©2014, Mary Ellen Merrigan “Quan Yin” with red jasper

The more I study my Quan Yin creation the happier I feel about sharing it with the world.

The hunt is the joy of beading. She (the Quan Yin with red jasper necklace) represents a perfect quest: beautiful finds, interesting people, special bargains and a fun time with a friend.

Do you feel the energy?