Heidi Kummli

Heidi Kummli Shares Thoughts on Creativity

“Feel of the Earth and the air; be guided by good thoughts. Absorb all that is around you. Beauty is what you see and feel. Let our creations spark you, but create from your heart.”

Book: The Art of Bead Embroidery by Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini

©2015, Mary Ellen Merrigan, “The Art of Bead Embroidery”

As followers of this blog know, my heart blossomed when I began my beading journey in 2007.

“The Art of Bead Embroidery” by Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini was not just a coffee table book in my house. Its pictures inspired me, helped me learn about bead embroidery and ultimately lured me further down the beading path.I practiced techniques and checked out resources from the book and let the words and works resonate.

When I discovered Heidi Kummli would teach at BeadFest Santa Fe I signed up for two of her classes as part of my bead practice.


Heidi Kummli

Heidi Kummli, Heidi Kummli Designs

Heidi agreed to an interview in which she shared some of her thoughts with me and you, my readers.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity to me is the moment when you are so into what you are doing that time doesn’t exist, your total focus is on the joy and challenge of what you’re doing. I believe this to be true not only for artists but doctors, teachers, athletes, children … anyone who is open to it.

How did your art evolve and how have you evolved as a result?

I think my art evolved because I as a person have evolved. As we grow older we have overcome challenges and life experiences that change the way we see and live our life. My art has always been an expression of my life and most likely always will be.

How do you feel when you’re in your creative space and what does that feeling contribute to your end result?

When I am in my creative space I feel much at peace and in the present moment. I am certain that what I create is meant to come forth and I the one to bring it. I hope that my work brings peace, and the feeling of joy, love and compassion into the universe.

Do you see an impact of fellow artists on you and your work?

When I first started beading over 35 years ago I saw an article on Virginia Blalelock. She inspired me to make larger collars thus inspiring me to make my jewelry art.

As an artist, are there doubts and struggles you face?

Sure, I think we all struggle and have doubt. That’s just the human nature. But I try to focus on how to fix it and make it work. If you are truly doing the work your heart and soul are on the planet to do, things just have a flow to them. There are no doubts or struggles, perhaps only lessons.

How has your art changed your perception of the world and how the world sees you?

I feel the world needs goodness and beauty in it and in a way I feel that is my purpose as an artist, to bring it forth. I hope that I reflect that.

What impact do you want to have with your art and on whom?

I hope my art can bring a smile to anyone and everyone’s face, that they can feel the healing and energy that radiates from the animals, stones, beads and components I incorporate in it.

In a 2:45 minute video, Heidi talks more about her work and refers to herself as the “transmitter.”


Heidi, thank you for sharing. I, for one, am confident you bring peace, and the feeling of joy, love and compassion into the universe. We’re each better because of your intention for the highest good.

How will Heidi inspire you share your creativity?