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Wear Elegance with a Cameo Bead Embroidery Cuff

Bead embroidery cuffs make great jewelry projects. Grab a needle and thread and whip up something in which beads are your stars. Of course, you need inspiration, a theme.

If you’re looking for a sweet focal that’s feminine and delicate, look no further than the cameo-inspired bead embroidery cuff bracelet.

The small cameo I started with was Victorian-like. Made of shell, it had a transparency that contributed to its daintiness. I couldn’t wait to bead around it with tiny size 15s.

With only the knowledge that this was a perfect bead embroidery cuff bracelet focal, I stitched away, pulling two tiny carnelian cabochons from my stash to blend with the bittersweet-colored background in the quarter-inch treasure.

I was so intrigued with my genteel design idea that I grabbed a second cameo with a translucent gray background and immediately duplicated my idea. This time I used onyx cabochons on either side of my cameo. Pearls added to the properness of the effect.

Elegant ribbon adds to the effect and black ultra-suede contributes to the elegance of the design which is framed over a metal cuff.

Bead Embroidery cuff jewelry_cameo
©2015, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Cameo Cuffs Small and Large

The idea of creating a beadweaving cuff started when I took Heidi Kummli’s Lil Hoot Owl class earlier this year. Here’s my project:

Bead embroidery cuff jewelry_lil hoot owl
©2015, Mary Ellen Merrigan, “Lil Hoot Owl”

While I love the hoot owl and items of nature, I’m still thinking about cameos. In fact, just writing this made me remember something: I have two of the tiniest cameos begging to be designed into a bead embroidery cuff.

Bead embroidery cuff jewelry_cameo inspiration
©2015, Mary Ellen Merrigan, tiny cameos

And somewhere, I have a wedgewood cameo. Now that’s an idea. What could I pair with beautiful powder blue? More importantly, where is it?

Ok. I need to wrap this up. I’ve got cuffs to make.

What’s inspiring your bead embroidery cuff jewelry?

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