This is CAP, an acronym for Mary Ellen's Theme for a Year in #Quest2016.

Theme for a Year – Easier with #Quest2016

Your Theme for a Year Gets Easier with #Quest2016 according to MaryEllenBeads.

Do you have a Theme for the Year? If there’s one thing I recognize, it’s my own response to the new. I’m drawn to shiny objects and new projects like a two-year-old is drawn to a coffee table full of glass objects. I’m curious. I want to touch and feel and possess. Because of this tendency, I love the turning of the year. My practice is to review, reflect and renew my commitment to the upcoming year with a theme. On New Year’s Day itself, I celebrate with the ceremonious placement of my Theme for the Year beside my desk where I can see it for the next 365.

My experiments with resolutions, goals, vision boards and specific achievement programs from other gurus have helped to bring order and clarity to my planning process. Over the course of a decade or so, I’ve discovered ways to dig deeper, generate more excitement and commitment and reach new/different levels of performance. Naturally, some years are more successful than others. Although I didn’t sign onto Jeffrey Davis’ Tracking Wonder tour until July 2015, I found myself returning to it again and again during the last few months..

After hearing Jeffrey’s Albuquerque presentation, I signed on to #DaretoExcel, a personal challenge program of 15 Dares in 30 days. In spite of obstacles, I uncovered accountability through email reminders and responses from the community on Facebook. The experience created significant movement in my personal goals. When I read of #Quest 2016  I felt an immediate personal buy-in for three reasons:

  1. Resonance. I felt the significance of a community each imagining their best year together doing business as unusual. Jeffrey’s description of the business artist and the necessity to treat business as art makes even more sense
  2. Challenge. I see this as a new way to up-level my game, and I’m intrigued by stimulus from others who might offer input I’ve not  considered
  3. Synergy. I believe we’re all in ‘this’ (the Universe) together and the more fun we have the better place we’ll make our world. #Quest 2016 gives me a platform through which to create momentum using my own story themes and creating them with others

So, on December 1, 2015, I’m moving beyond vision boards, goals and resolutions through #Quest 2016. I’m joining Jeffrey Davis’s #Quest 2016 and you can too. Twelve visionaries – scientists, artists, philosophers, CEOs, authors, teachers – will help us to imagine our best year in new ways as they present online every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in December. It’s on my calendar as an appointment.

If you’re reading this, I challenge you to participate in the #Quest 2016 community. Take the pledge. Use this link to sign up. It’s beyond Theme for a Year – above and beyond.

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