These bead loomwork earrings are from a julianna c avelar class project.

Bead Loomwork? Just say “Yes!”

Bead Loomwork Action Moves Me Forward

Three little bead looms sit on a studio table near my workbench. One remains in its original packaging. Why was I putting off weaving a simple pair of earrings? For the fifth time (or sixth, or seventh) I berated myself for not moving enthusiastically into the world of loomwork. What had I been thinking?

“I can’t.” Wow. Where did that come from?

“It’s too much trouble,” I thought. “It will take too long.”

“I don’t remember how to set my warp threads.”

The cacophony of voices in my head all sat in judgment on my inaction.

In truth, the loom had become an obstacle in my mind, rather than a fun tool. In less than 30-days, since my class with Julianna C. Avelar in loomwork I had failed to find 30 minutes in which to “try” a loom project.

One of my action modes for any class is to repeat the project as soon as possible on my terms. From previous experience, I know action can do away with unsureness or doubt. Inaction, on the other hand, almost certainly paralyzes a project.

“No more wiggle room,” I decided.

On Sunday evening, I threaded up and began. At first, the going was slow. My warp threads were not taut. Resolutely, I undid the knot and tried again. I refused to think about it.

In less than an hour I produced a basic pair of earrings. (NOTE TO SELF: Give copies of Julianna’s book to everyone!) They’re now ready for crimp covers and final touches. No problem, those. I wanted to post this blog first.

©2016, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Bead Loomwork Earrings, Project One
©2016, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Bead Loomwork Earrings, Project One

I read recently that we need to be more right-brained with time devoted to undirected thinking. Undirected thinking may prompt you to tap into your courageous side and attempt something you may have avoided out of fear or doubt. Maybe it was undirected thinking that got me going. Maybe it was something else. I know I’m grateful for whatever allowed me to move ahead. I’m now moving forward on the courageous path. Loomwork, here I come!

These bead loomwork earrings are from a julianna c avelar class project.
©2016, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Bead Loomwork Earrings, Class Projects

What’s more, I’ve scheduled a polymer clay day next week. Another first.

Could this describe you? What action do you hesitate to take or what project do you put off?


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