Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque focused on creativity in copper in this guest post.

Mother Nature Inspires Creativity in Copper

Designing jewelry is an art form, and as such, the talented creators who take on this endeavor seek inspiration from many different sources. Among the most popular place to find this inspiration is from Mother Nature herself. With the many amazing sights, sounds and scents all around us, getting creative while spending time outdoors is easy, and that is why nature has sparked the imagination of so many and lead to the creation of many special jewelry pieces.

Mary Ellen Merrigan of Mary Ellen Beads shows how Mother nature inspires creativity in copper.

Many a jewelry designer has basked in the glow of the warm sun and felt a desire to create. Bracelets, earrings and necklaces are often created in large, circular shapes and may even include warm amber stones or beads that recreate the look of the sun.

Walks along a countryside road are another source of inspiration in so many ways. The winding roads might later lead to the birth of an intricate, long necklace with loops that are reminiscent of that winding road. Animals, plants and atmospheric elements along the way also often lends to the creation of custom metal pieces, perfectly formed into the shape of their inspiration.

The beauty of the sea can be found everywhere in the jewelry industry, from the delicate black pearls that sit atop stunning rings to sea spray tones in glass beads and even shells and sea glass that adorn many handmade necklaces and bracelets. Each piece is so unique, yet they all remind wearers of a beach getaway, somewhere they can feel calm, relaxed, renewed and in touch with nature.

Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque focused on creativity in copper in this guest post.
Chased Copper Jewelry by John S. Brana

Another magical, natural aspect that designers often turn to when creating new pieces is trees. With hanging vines, long branches and unique trunks, trees of all sorts spark the imagination. Coloring, texture and shapes in jewelry are often traced back to majestic oaks or swaying elms and the jewelry designers who sit in the shade of these magnificent specimens while they draw up their latest creations.

A great designer will take what they see outdoors and translate it into a certain emotion or vision within the piece they are creating. The subtle nature of this is what makes each piece so special, because even if two designers are looking at the exact same thing, they may interpret the inspiration in very different ways. Their perspective is what is important, and it is often has the greatest influence on their final piece.

Sometimes the influence of nature is quite subtle, and it may be difficult to find it in a favorite copper bracelet, silver necklace or gold ring. At other times, the influence is front and center with specific shapes or details actually making the wearer feel as if they own precious pedals off their favorite flowers or a miniature version of their favorite animal. Whichever is the case, there is no doubting that many of today’s most popular jewelry pieces simply would not exist if not for Mother Nature and the fabulous way in which she helps talented designers to create their masterpieces.

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