Read more about Carrie Story and her tips on Artistic Creativity in this blog excerpt from Mary Ellen Beads. Albuquerque.

Boost Artistic Creativity with 5 Sincere Tips

Carrie Story Shares About Artistic Creativity

Read more about Carrie Story and her tips on Artistic Creativity in this blog excerpt from Mary Ellen Beads. Albuquerque.
Carrie Story

As I meet artists and makers, I’m pulsed to talk with them about artistic creativity and how it positively impacts our lives. The creative spirit and the good life co-exist. In our modern world, it’s more important than ever to embrace the art of making things. I sensed that agreement when I met Carrie Story, founder of Clay Revolution at To Bead True Blue in Tucson, AZ.

Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque snapped a picture of the class projects from Carrie Story's Creative Foundations class in Tucson.
©2017, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Creative Foundations Class Projects

Eight of us made a horn cuff bracelet, a creative foundation. Quick. Easy. Fun. Carrie’s easy manner supported us in the process. She explained her passion for making colorful, individual pieces of work versus making a million of the same earrings. (We get it, Carrie!)

On the role of art in her life:

“I always loved art class. Although I only have a few memories from grade school, most of them revolve around art class or projects I made. With this in mind, I took every art class available in high school. I did very well and was even given a few awards for my work. My favorite classes were ceramics, but with a lack of equipment availability, my skills didn’t go any further than high school. I did attend a small amount of college with a focus on art, again receiving a few recognitions, but the world of financial need vs. artistic desires arrived.”

Find Your Creative Medium

“My art went on hold for too many years. For many years I have spent my free time making something or other. In 2006, I discovered jewelry and began making and selling a few pieces to friends and family. But in 2008, I discovered metal clay. That changed everything. As soon as I put my hands in the clay, I knew this was the medium for me. My art went from basic skills, making simple designed projects, to complex constructed pieces made with fine silver within just a few months.”

“I have had many careers and enjoyed all of them. As a result of my business experience, I consider myself to be 1/3 business person, 1/3 artist and 1/3 entrepreneur. This strange combination has brought me to where I am today; instructor, artist, owner. Now, I make my art work to suit me. I don’t really mind if someone doesn’t like it, or if it never sells. Of course it always feels good to have it recognized, but that is not my goal when creating.”

Focus on Creativity as a moment in time

What does creativity mean to you?

“I think of creativity as a moment in time. It is that moment when all of those little tid bits of information in your head coalesce into a perfectly inspired piece. Sometimes the ideas flow so easily that you can’t keep up with them. Other times, you must look to your favorite inspirations to bring them together.”

Do you see an impact of fellow artists on you and your work?

“Yes, of course! I never want to copy anything another artist does, but it is impossible not to get inspired by great art. I scroll through images and come up with more and more ideas to incorporate into my work. As an example, when an artist creates a new technique in metal clay, the first thing I do is start coming up with ideas on how to use that in my own way.”

Make Creativity Personal

Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque captured Carrie Story with two of the projects from her Creative Foundations class.
©2017, Mary Ellen Merrigan, Carrie Story Creative Foundations Class projects

How has your art changed your perception of the world and how the world sees you?

“Once I was able to do this full time, I was fortunate enough to meet a whole new group of people. These people are from several different social groups, but would have never been in my circles prior to this. This has opened my eyes and allowed me to understand many more cultures, opinions and social norms. It is fascinating to me to learn about other cultures and even participate in them when I can.”

“…I hope that the world sees me as a cheerful, nice person. …always full of information that I am willing to share and willing to laugh at myself at any given moment.”

Jewelry Making Daily editor Tammy Jones highlighted Carrie and Clay Revolution’s new products after the Tucson show in her wrap up of supplies and new products.

Define Your Biggest Creativity Challenge – and meet it

Because we’re all human, I asked Carrie to elaborate about challenges and doubts she faces.

“Expectations of others – that is a challenge I face every day. Each of my students, customers, family and friends expects my work to be a certain thing, a certain way or a certain amount. It is likely due to me not communicating my goals in full or just a general misunderstanding of my ‘job’. I find myself continuously trying to make what people want instead of making what I want to make. It is a constant struggle and one that I work hard to try to overcome.”

Impact one person at a time

To end, I asked: What impact do you want to have with your art and on whom?

“You know, I really only want to impact one person at a time. My desire is to make something that someone walks up to and just stares at for hours. I want to create that sense of inspiration, of awe, of emotion. Making someone feel like that with my art is the most I could ever ask for.”

Well said, Carrie. Thank you!


The place of “no patterns,” that I found in beads caused me to think differently about everything, infusing my entire life with creativity. I hope you benefit from tapping into an ongoing well of artistic creativity brought to you by makers from around the country. Carrie Story of Clay Revolution and Divine Ornament is the artist co-creator highlighted in this month’s episode of my series.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if each of us considered our impact one person, one interaction at a time?

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