This class, Beading Fantasy Flowers, is a bead embroidery class from Nancy Eha as discussed with Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.

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Author and bead embroidery expert Nancy Eha reached out to tell me she has two online SkillShare classes. She extends a free month SkillShare subscription AND her two classes to readers of this blog. Read on.

I’m a fan. I experienced an online class from Nancy and discovered how clear she was in her instruction. See this earlier post or, read more about Nancy’s views on creativity.

Have you used Skill Share?  After experiencing Nancy’s classes for myself, I decided to share more about this online learning resource with you.

ME: You are offering two Bead Embroidery classes on Skill Share: Beading Fantasy Flowers and Beading on the Edge. What can students expect as a result of these courses?

NE: As a teacher my primary goal has always been, no matter what a student’s beading experience, that they be successful in learning new beading skills and have fun doing so! Yes, I have authored books that teach my beading techniques, but with my classes on SkillShare there is an opportunity to not just read instructions, but hear step-by- step instructions, and see my hands performing the beading skills and techniques. Video based classes teach to multiple learning styles. Also the opportunity to pause and repeat if needed, or review the entire class. An opportunity that usually is not possible in an in person class with a large group of students.

SkillShare is subscription based (think NetFlix), so for a low monthly subscription you can watch any and all 10,000+ SkillShare classes. That includes my current and future bead embroidery classes, but not limited to only my classes. Currently SkillShare is offering your first month of SkillShare for free, and you can cancel anytime. Use this link that Nancy is providing:

ME: How do these courses work? Do they require a huge time commitment?

NE: The classes are each a series of short videos with total video time ranging from 20 minutes to more than an hour. A student can choose to enroll in a class after watching the introduction. Then watch the series of class videos whenever it is convenient and at their own pace. There is even a SkillShare app. With the app and a wifi connection you can download all your enrolled classes to your phone and watch later without connecting to the internet.

Two Bead Embroidery Classes From Nancy Eha

ME: You picked two techniques from dozens you use regularly. Why these two?

NE: Over the course of 4 or so years I have taught for several online schools. For my first class with SkillShare I wanted something new, something I had not taught either online or in person. After some thought, I realized I have been asked many times which of my classes or books teach beaded fringe. The answer was none. I also wanted to engage nonbeaders, those who would be interested in a DIY garment remake project and cross over into the realm of beading. So I developed Bead Embroidery: Beading on the Edge.

This shows a project from Nancy Eha's bead embroidery class on Skill Share - Beading on the Edge, as discussed with Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.

The focus is on preparing and repurposing a large square scarf, into a triangular beaded edge scarf. Thus the name Beading on the Edge which I thought would be an intriguing title. For my second SkillShare class I am teaching some of my most popular course content, making a variety of delicate flowers and leaves with mostly size 11 seed beads. Entitled, Bead Embroidery: Beading Fantasy Flowers. No pressure to make a flower that looks like anything in the real world let your creativity run wild!

This class, Beading Fantasy Flowers, is a bead embroidery class from Nancy Eha as discussed with Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.

ME: Tell us about this platform. Why SkillShare?

Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque interviewed Nancy Eha about bead embroidery classes she is presenting on Skill Share.On the SkillShare platform, teachers must include a project with each class. Over the years, I have taken student surveys and the vast majority of students want to learn techniques in a class. But they want to do so making a project.

With SkillShare classes, the project can be as simple or elaborate, the student decides. Students are encouraged to upload a photo of their project, sharing their creativity with other students in the class.

As a former elementary school teacher now teaching adults, I know I can teach anything to anyone in small teachable steps. SkillShare encourages the same, teaching the class project in small bites of video lessons.

ME: Will you teach additional classes?

NE: The future of online learning holds no bounds. It is 24/7 to fit your schedule, PJs anyone? You can learn from teachers and interact with students worldwide.
It is economical; no travel expenses, hotel rooms, or meals on the road.

I was an online learner prior to being an online teacher. Being skeptical, I was amazed that not only did I learn a new software program ( I am so a non-techie) but I used the skills I learned to make my own WordPress website. The experience was so empowering!

I have new online classes in the planning and production stage. I know each will be better than the next as I learn more filming skills and better my audio and video editing.

Link to Nancy Eha’s Bead Embroidery Classes on SkillShare

ME: How can potential students benefit from this opportunity?

NE: Here is the link to take a look at my classes, and have one month of SkillShare for free.

ME: Thank you Nancy. It’s great to have this information. I, for one, plan to take you up on the special offer? Will I see you on Skill Share?

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