This candle represents marketing from the place of no pattern by Mary Ellen Merrigan of Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque.

Market From The Place of No Pattern 

As the oldest of seven, the practice of organizing multiples began early: siblings, friends, ideas, tasks.  I think in threes. It’s my pattern. One of my gifts is the ability to listen, distill information and then suggest three go-forward steps. 

Oxford’s Dictionary says this about pattern: “give a regular or intelligible form to”

As a marketing mentor and instructor I operate with pattern when I embrace the random, the unfamiliar and the unspecified which appeals so strongly to my artist side. When I talk with you, I tuck your brilliant ideas into project segments that align with bigger picture outcomes.

The terminology began after I taught a beading class named “The Place of No Pattern.” A seed bead participant (one who prefers uniformly shaped/sized beads) lamented, “How will I put these beads in my necklace? They don’t match!” 

The remark struck me as funny since we were working with vintage trade beads, each of which is special, many of which are marked from wear or age. Yet in a generalized way unmatched beads can be categorized.  

 Applying the “place of no pattern” phraseology to marketing

Once I’d identified “place of no pattern” as a differentiating factor in my marketing work, I noticed specifically how I flexed my pattern to help individuals reach their specific goal. For example:

Short-term collaboration

Caroline, a handmade papers artist who was transitioning her career to be more digitally visible, talked with me about strategic social media. In our session she mentioned an interactive event, for the closing of her current art exhibit. We focused on a short-term marketing plan that included press outreach, photography and documentation. Her efforts translated to a new brochure and strategy which helped garner a new exhibit and is leading to a stronger social media presence. 

Ongoing support

Evelyn, a coach and writer, and I collaborated through strategic conversations and email to convey her work with multiple clients into meaningful case studies. The result was a perfect addition to her website. We continue to offer each other input and support.

Steady progress throughout 60-days 

From the beginning Julie, an artist, teacher and design specialist, expressed concerns about the significant time she felt social media required. Like many artists, she resented adding marketing time to a grueling studio schedule. We developed a minimum posting system that concentrated on video. Immediate and ongoing interest garnered likes and views which in turn resulted in sales. Within a two-month period Julie built a sustainable habit. In a reversal of perceptions, she now identifies time spent on marketing as essential to the growth of her business. 

The perfect option for artists: different approaches equal no pattern

The place of no pattern delivered success for each of these artists since we focused on their primary goal. Marketing from the place of no pattern works. But don’t take my word for it:

“Just a note to thank you for helping drag me (kicking and screaming) within view of the 21st century. One of my mother’s favorite sayings was ‘It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.’ Mary Ellen, it seems to me you’re a sort of human firefly. You fly around bringing light to those in darkness around you. I’m grateful for your illumination, so generously given.” -Kristin

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