This dramatic amber necklace by Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque reminds you to reframe marketing.

Reframe boldly with an artful lens

Marketing art is like hand-crafting a stunning necklace. How?

Let’s discuss three criteria:

  1. Cohesiveness
  2. Customization
  3. Clarity

Like this necklace, your marketing plan is a one-of-a-kind story opportunity to communicate your company, its dominant personality and offering to the public. How has that been working for you? Is it time to reframe your story?

Here’s the story of a necklace, a description of details in a work of art.

Each piece of art has a story. Marketing this necklace at a recent jewelry exhibit forced me to talk about it from numerous perspectives. A choker, this necklace frames a long, slender neck beautifully. The 1.25” ceramic beads would overwhelm a short neck, so it’s not for everybody. A shy woman might not feel comfortable with the bold look.

The eleven major beads in this presentation communicate purposefully. The orange/rust cylindrical on either side of the centerpiece anchor a piece of translucent amber. It’s old, vibrant in its imperfection, asymmetrical, and therefore more interesting.

Four oblong ceramic beads mirror the lighter colors and harmonize them with the darker hues. A slight marbling effect adds dimension. Two deep red ceramic beads emphasize the darkest hues as they frame a vintage copal amber bead.

Amber, an organic gemstone, is made from natural resin. The tried and true elements — sterling silver Hill Tribe spacer beads and a sterling silver hook and eye — are offered in a fresh way to make the completed adornment stronger.

Make marketing cohesive

Your marketing story requires cohesiveness, the same attention to detail. The stronger your theme, the more effective your communication. One of my clients who recently updated her website resisted publishing a newsletter. A deeper conversation revealed her distaste for the email headers which seemed outdated. Once we identified her challenge, we also updated Facebook cover photos and other social profiles.

Action item: Audit details. Check links, logo specs, contact information. Make sure the latest version of your business is discoverable across the web. At a glance, your brand communicates your business. Is it sending the same message everywhere?

Customize your marketing

Who is your customer? Guess again. It is not everybody. This necklace is not aimed at the stay-at-home-Mom or the thoroughly romantic playgirl. It holds drama, a sense of history, and the appeal of re-purpose. Understanding nuances helps you increase the impact of your art-centered business.

Action item: Focus to create experiences that resonate with and attract more of your core audience. Add a tag that emphasizes the story behind amber, for example.

Clarity drives all effective marketing

The sense of implied purpose speaks convincingly on behalf of your brand. It makes my heart sing to produce quality jewelry that makes a bold statement. I find it easier to talk about marketing when I relate it to my art. That’s the truth.

Action item: Breathe fresh air into the marketing truth you’re telling. Embrace the present. If it seems relevant, gain another perspective by inviting an expert to get look through an artful lens at your project..

Instead of fussing over marketing, consider your story through the three “c’s” criteria – cohesiveness, customization and clarity. Now, use these C-words to reframe boldly with an artful lens.


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