These playful stretch bracelets are part of a class presented by Mary Ellen Merrigan of Mary Ellen Beads Albuquerque at Art Unraveled 2018.

Playful Stretch Bracelet Class Featured at Art Unraveled 2018

Imagine a playful stretch bracelet project that looks good, is fun to complete, and serves as a reminder of one of the best weeks of the year? This is the potential of Art Unraveled and the Playful Stretch Bracelet class on Friday evening August 3, 2018.

Art Unraveled is a 10-day extravaganza of connection fun and art experiences that will expand and uplift the art lover in you.

A bead maven, one of my greatest joys is to share my passion and its connection. Not only does one connect the colorful shapes on wire or fiber but the connections we make with each other as we bead are priceless.

Give me the chatter of a room full of women designing and completing projects. It’s uplifting! That’s contagious. 

Stretch bracelets get the short end of the stick when it comes to jewelry. For a long time I refused to consider them as “real.” That all changed for me when I looked for a project that could introduce non-beaders to the joy of handwork.

In my usual way I explored all things stretch: I tried different brands and weights of stretchy material, various sizes and shapes of beads. Eventually I came up with some design tips and tricks that could work. Finally, I reminded myself to make it playful and I set about instructing others in the methodology.

First, my sisters and I made stretch bracelets for craft day at Christmas. Then I led two workshops in mindful beading using small beads so it would take longer to complete and we could practice mindfulness.

Now I’m preparing kits for the Art Unraveled experience.  Join me on Friday August 3, 2018 for a Playful Stretch Bracelet session.

We’ll talk design. There’ll be tips, tricks, and lots of laughs. You’ll complete two bracelets in the process.

This is my second year teaching at Art Unraveled. I’m thrilled to be a part of the 16-year tradition of this Phoenix, AZ art retreat. I’m in the company of some terrific creators and instructors.

For more information, see the list of more than 90 workshops at Art Unraveled 2018 here.

Plan your own adventure. Register for Art Unraveled today. If you happen to be around on Friday evening, join me for a Playful Stretch Bracelet party!

Will I see you there?

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